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Mätch VC! A formula for exponential & substantial growth

Mätch VC is a purposefully assembled group of friends. Composed of very different characters with very different backgrounds but always without ego. Entrepreneurs, Investors and Operators from Startups, Hidden Champions, Academia, World Market Leaders and Scale Ups.
In it for the long haul
. With a track record of Tinkering, Conviction, Heart and Hustle. Europeans from inside and outside of the Continent's Industrial Power house. Looking for exceptional entrepreneurs who want to move the world forward and share our values.

Founding Partners

Fabian Silberer
Venture Partner

Founder and CEO @ sevDesk. His team of 200+ people support thousands of SME customers. The company raised €50M in their Series B from Global Founders Capital and others. Fabian is an Angel Investor in several companies.

Tim Gegg
General Partner

General Partner at Mätch VC. Extensive network in the industry. 17 years in R&D, Corporate Venturing, Digitalization. Was Managing Director at Stihl Ventures until he founded Mätch VC.

Adrian Thoma
General Partner

General Partner at Mätch VC and CEO at Gründermotor. Started his career by launching and scaling a startup for 5 years (exit in 2013). Later launched the Gründermotor Initiative and started Angel Investing.

Benedikt Ilg
Venture Partner

Founder and CEO @ Flip. Among the fastest growing Startups in Germany. Raised €40M from Notion, HV Capital, Cavalry and LEA Partners. Angel Investing in the next Generation of Founders.

Daniel Dilger
General Partner

General Partner at Mätch VC. Failed with 2 startups but successfully launched and grew Startup Autobahn to what it is known for today. Invested for Plug and Play in multiple companies and was part of the EMEA Investment Committee.

“It’s hard to scale a great idea. It requires changes that aren’t easy for entrepreneurs to make. We have experience in it and will guide you through the process.”

- Fabian Silberer

“B2B startups need relevant contacts and access to key decision makers. We helped hundreds of startups not getting lost between hierarchies but to win relevant clients.”

- Tim Gegg

What we are looking for

It is never too early!

We back founders as early as possible. No round is too small to talk to us. And if you’re already raising your Series A we might be still interested.

Innovators not Verticals

We back teams with scalable business models solving challenges faced by small and large enterprises.

Water and waste mgmt

Carbon capture

Simulation software

Edge AI

Synthetic biology

Chemical Recycling

Advanced Materials

SBOM Orchestration

Team, Team, Team

We like complementary teams with a great vision that share our values.

Great ideas don’t have borders

Your idea should fit to our industry network. We invest in founders across Europe who have global ambitions.

Get in touch

If you can get a ‘warm’ introduction to us, you should do so. However, we recognise that it isn’t always easy if you don’t have a network within the VC world. In that case, we welcome you to use the link below to send us your deck.